Collegium 1704 in Steinsel

The members of the Collegium 1704 arrived at 18.20 at the airport in Luxembourg :

P1020232Together with some members of the RMVA (Rencontres musicales de la Vallée de l’Alzette), we picked them up and went together to the Hotel Moris in Walferdange. The double bass player did not take the airplane because he continues his trip from Luxembourg to Brussels after the concert. I don’t know what they say about transporting a double bass in an airplane, I just know that it is always difficult to move it in a car – impossible for example to fit it into my Clio.

I had the pleasure of driving the two oboe players Luise and Petra and the soprano, Rafaella Milanesi to Walferdange.

The concert was on Sunday at 5.00 p.m. in Steinsel. Händel and Zelenka were on the programme. You have never heard anything about Zelenka? Jan Dismas Zelenka (16 October 1679 – 23 December 1745) was the most important Czech baroque composer. The interest in Zelenka’s music started to grow especially from the end of the 1950s onwards. By the late 1960s and early 1970s all Zelenka’s instrumental compositions and selected liturgical music had been published in Czechoslovakia. Collegium_260

This concert organized by the RMVA was a great success. Everything was from the best: If you like baroque music, Collegium 1704 can be firmly recommended.

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