Meeting the Ambassador of Ukraine

Yesterday I had another opportunity to meet Mr Ihor Dolhov, Ambassador of Ukraine to Belgium and Luxembourg and Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO.

After telling him about my experience in Kiev and Odessa, he informed me of the latest developments regarding the elections. In five single-seat constituencies, it has been impossible to announce the results of the parliamentary election. Local courts did not accept the results because original protocols were missing or damaged. As a consequence the Parliament will probably decide to repeat the elections in these constituencies.

As far as the elections in Ukraine are concerned, the Ambassador asserted that the elections were well organised and that that the fact that in Kiev, all the constituencies had been won by the opposition was  a sign that the elections were fair.

As in most Ukrainian embassies, there was a polling station in the one in Brussels. About 2000 voters from Belgium and Luxembourg were registered and 385 of them went to the polls. According to the Ambassador, this seemingly low turnout was actually a participation level to be proud of, as usually only about 10% of the registered voters cast their ballot. All procedures regarding the elections at the Embassy finished by midnight and the results were sent to Kiev.

There are now five parties in the Ukrainian Parliament : Party of Regions, Communists, United Opposition, Svoboda, UDAR. Various small party representatives and independent candidates were elected in the single constituencies. At this point it seems clear that the Party of Regions and the Communist Party will form the next government. However, the new Parliament will only be appointed and start its tasks on 15th December 2012 and it is difficult to say which side the large number of independent candidates will turn to.


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