NATO Parliamentary Assembly: Dr Alexandr VONDRA

Dr Alexandr VONDRA, Minister of Defence, Czech Republic, novembre 10, 2012

How do you see the possibility of reducing nuclear weapons in Europe?

We don’t host any nuclear weapons on our territory. Therefore I’ll be careful of my advices. I’m a realist. I see what’s happening in the world, in the Middle East. I wouldn’t give everything in the hope that the others would follow. The nuclear weapons must be one of the key elements of our security police.

The 10th anniversary of the Prague summit (greatest enlargement of the NATO history): What about future enlargements?

This enlargement (in 2002) was a success. That was an historical chance, not only for NATO but also for Europe. We have to be realistic; we do not have a chance to convince the public for a further enlargement. But I think the door must remain open for any country in the territory who wants and who is ready to join. There is a roadmap for further countries and I think we must stay to our words.

Relationship USA-China 

If I would be an American, I would study Chinese and not a single European language. We have to work closer together with all the countries in Europe and especially in the region. We must make common acquirement of defence equipments. That can bring savings. An individual state is not in the situation to act. But it’s really not an easy business.

The Syrian issue:

My heart beats on the right, but I wouldn’t do what Romney told us to do (arms to the rebels).  We shouldn’t emerge in the Syrian civil war.

Iran’s nuclear threat:

I think the West must approach this in a united way. We shouldn’t exclude any option. It’s not in our interest that Iran becomes a nuclear power.  Obama entered his second term, and because it’s the last one, it will be different from the first. I believe that Iran is something very important. I don’t want to offer any dramatic advises, but we should act according to our interests.

Money for the army

60 to 70% of the people agree that the money spend for military defence is necessarily. But if they are asked whether 1,2 % of GDP spend for defence is a correct level, they say it’s to much.

The Czech Republic belongs to fiscally responsible countries. We have one of the lowest depths in Europe. With the crises we have now since 4 years, we made some serious cuts. The budget was reduced by 20%. In the next one or two years, we expect to have a soft increase of the defence spending. We will not go beyond 1,2% but I think we cannot go higher than these 1,2%. We have reduced the numbers: of the bureaucrats, the personal, and in 5 or 10 years we will be stronger because we have done our homework.

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  1. 언론에서 너무 앞서 가는 느낌이다. ㅠ,ㅠ

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